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December 30, 2010
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Madame Mirage by Eddy-Swan Madame Mirage by Eddy-Swan
pencils by Kenneth Rocafort.

Inks by :iconsplotchy77:

colors by me.

comments and critique welcome.

Flats for this will be available soon at


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*edit: some slight tweaks to the black levels.
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The case being that you are responsible of the flats and colouring, I'm going to base my comments on that portion of this fine piece of comic book cover art.

I can see that you've paid attention to the way shading shading moulds the artwork, so you'll probably see where I'm coming from when I say I think you could have made more use of what appear to be the basic shapes of this composition going diagonally from down left to upper right, diagonals being usually associated with excitement and dynamism. In Rocafort's colouring version one can see that pretty well, with the bright white of the dress nicely 'agreeing' with the bright sky: [link]

So whereas Rocafort's colouring shapes the basic composition as "/", yours is more like "Y", which may or may not be a desireable thing, depending on what you want the composition of the cover art to express for the couple of seconds the potential customer probably spends on one cover while deciding which hot chick heroine magazine he's going to delve deeper into.

What I also think your colouring choices does is that it shifts the emphasis from the Madame's body curves and the whole figure to the upper quarter of the image, aided greatly by the bright sun. That's also the place where the title of the comic book would reside so it may get a bit too crowded there.

The slightly desaturated tones you have chosen work together in quite a nice harmony. My personal opinion is though that the overall look could have been a bit warmer with sunset/rise-ish tones as in Rocafort's version, or alternatively with this noon-ish time of day, the background could have looked more exotic with a more saturated tone of blue in the sky as an example.

As far as the surface feel of the objects go, you've done good job, with some solid textures to complement the lineart. My main criticism would be about the smoke rising from the cars, which has a bit of a plasticy and heavy/solid look to it. I also think the shading is a tad too soft on the foreground rubble, losing a bit what could have been a better contrast between the smooth and tender touches of light on the woman's figure and the results of deterioration and devastation.

To sum my overall feelings, this succeeds in being an atmospheric and pretty piece of colouring, but not as brilliant as I think some of your other pieces are.
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Hi Eddie. Don't get me wrong, i usually like your coloring, but this time there are a bunch of things that come to my eyes and that I would work on (just my 2 cents).

-Vision: there is a lot of harmony in the picture and the color palette is really well chosen, nothing really wrong with it. Maybe the sky is a bit strange. I can see that you wanted to put some grey clouds but they're too blurry and undefined to me. Maybe no clouds, or white cloude, would have worked better?

-Originality: that's not your fault, you just followed the schemes you have probably seen around. But you could have done better for example setting the scene in the night with a purple\violet\red and cloudy sky, that would have been more original ;)

-Technique: i'm not a big fan of lasso tool or gradient\soft shading. But i can recognize when it is well done. You can use well the technique but in my opinion there are a lot of details that you have lost. Her back, her ass, all the suit's folds, the smoke, the broken stones. They're plenty of details that are not evident in your coloring. You can tell that they exist because they're inked but they're not rendered as they should. This is my opinion but i am a big fan of details because if you don't pay attention to them, the whole picture tend to appear flat. Sure you don't have to go creazy with them, but in this picture there are too few. You have the tool to work on it you just need to spend more time on all the details. Another thing that i want to say is: try to make more hard edges in your work. Don't be afraid of them. Hard edges underline the forms, working too blurry of too soft make the picture (again) flat.

-Impact: The overall lighting and shading is right. Not too dark and not too bright. But the picture would have been more strong if you exalted a bit the explosions\fire in the picture. There should be some reflected red\orange\yellowish rimlights on the character and on the objects. The scene would have been more consistent because there is some fire in it. It's like the fire is there but it doesn't act like fire.

Ok i hope to have been clear and not have offended you with my detailed critique. But i think that a critique is constructive and useful only if it's complete. I hope you will appreciate it, and feel free to "destroy" some of my works, we all need to get better, and that why we're here.

Good luck with all your projects!
Ace :)
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I don't know why but as soon as I looked at the right arm I thought of a xenomorph.
Eddy-Swan Featured By Owner Jan 25, 2012  Professional Digital Artist
I can see what your saying.
Sharidar Featured By Owner Jun 26, 2011
this is good but when i saw it at first glance i totally thought it was Miranda from Mass Effect 2
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similar palette :)
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Color me impressed ^^ I just found out about your gallery just from looking around randomly. You got skillz yo!!
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thanks man!
super-illustrator0 Featured By Owner Feb 17, 2011  Professional Digital Artist
Here's my critique, even though my art is like feces (as I type this).

+ Textures are present; textures are one of the 5 great facets of digital art.
+ All of the other basics, such as contrast, are correct (as far as I can tell).
- The light direction (on the objects) is different from the light direction of the sun.
- I also agree with the comment that the sky is too desaturated. Plus, it should be a gradient color, from turquoise to teal/royal blue, since gradients are another one of the 5 great facets of digital art.
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